Team First Development

Team First Development - Virtual Agile/Scrum Warm-up Games

Team First Development's goal is to develop Great Team Players. This is done by merging Agile Values and Principles with Improv Theater Warm-up Games and Mindfulness Training Techniques. The Warm-ups page includes over 50 Improv Warm-up Games that are played in person or over video. These games are a great way to start Agile / Scrum meetings such as daily stand-ups, daily scrums, and team retrospectives.

Agile Conference Clips


Keep Austin Agile 2018

Playing Yes And


Mile High Agile 2018

Playing Count To 20


Coach Camp 2016

Playing Red Ball


Agile India 2016

Agile Conference Workshop

Dave Morris explaining The Way of Improv

11 minutes

Dick Costolo (former Twitter CEO) explains how to manage your company like an Improv team

85 seconds

Team First Development - Wayde Stallmann