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Virtual Agile/Scrum Warm-up Games

Help teams acquire the "Yes And" attitude. Start meetings with a 3 minute Improv Warm-up game. Warm-up games require everyone’s complete attention and improve Collaboration, Creativity, Communication and Trust. These are the core qualities of Great Team Players.
All games can be played in person or virtually. Games can be played using two different player orderings:

  • List based: Player order is determined by a list that everyone can see or when colocated, by the natural order of people standing around a table.
  • Player based: Each player calls upon the next player. This has the advantage of keeping players completely engaged.

Benefits of starting meetings with an Improv Warm-up Game:

  • Improve Collaboration, Creativity, Communication & Trust among team members
  • Get everyone involved and interacting with each other immediately before meeting starts
  • Get everyone focused and concentrating
  • Warm-ups teach people to take risks. You are, after all, doing something that is a little uncomfortable. Take a risk and say Yes And…


Warm-up Game Randomizer

Warm-up Game Descriptions

Improv Warm-ups Flier

Conference flier provided to each participant of the 

"3 Minute Improv Games to Improve Your Teams Workshop"

This workshop has been presented at these Agile Conferences:

  • CincyDeliver 2019
  • Agile Dev West 2018
  • Keep Austin Agile 2018
  • Mile High Agile 2018
  • Agile Midwest 2017
  • Music City Agile 2017
  • Big Apple Scrum Day 2017
  • DevUp 2016
  • Agile Coach Camp 2016
  • Agile Games West 2016
  • Agile Cambridge UK 2016
  • Agile Manchester UK 2016
  • Agile & Beyond Ann Arbor 2016
  • Agile India 2016
  • Agile Games New England 2015
  • Global Scrum Gathering Phoenix 2015
  • TEDx AT&T 2014 (Internal to AT&T)
  • Agile Portugal 2014

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